Color Me Muslim Youth


Youth Course: The Shoulders of Giants

Upon The Shoulders of Giants is a youth course uniquely tailored for tarbiyyah. The aim is to build up a character in our youth that mirrors that of the Prophets and give them the intellectual awareness and spiritual strength to lead meaningful dignified lives.

Youth Dawah Training: The Divine Call

The Divine Call is a simplified, yet intensive, Youth Dawah training designed to connect the hearts to the Quran, build the qualities of yaqeen [certainty] and taqwa [piety before Allah] while giving them the language to confidently articulate the basis of their faith.

Young Scholars AP Business Competition

Young Scholars AP Apprentice Program is a youth business competition that exposes them to the real life business process. Not only do they “crunch numbers”, they also learn some graphic design, videography, audio production & web development.

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